Fitness Marketing

Our team at Konnectme started as colleagues working in Direct Sales and Online Marketing in Big Box Gyms. We created all their sales and digital marketing systems only to find that our skills were undervalued while these corporate gyms grew. We understand that  89% of Fitness Studios fail because of the lack of structure and marketing. Statistics show that only 11% of gyms that enter the marketplace will become profitable because of the implementation of proper marketing and business systems. Which means; Approximately 8,900 fitness studios can go bankrupt anytime in Canada.

Our Team then gathered together and started our own digital marketing agency that specializes in the fitness industry. A digital marketing agency that will help smaller fitness studios in Canada have a similar yet unique online sales marketing plan as compared to big box gyms.

Our goal is to help your gym business thrive. We understand that No Gym or Fitness Studio can survive on digital content that looks like it was punched together without a thought. One of the best ways to rank your gym’s website higher in the digital realm is by spreading your message out with a lot of work. We create fitness specific content and manage your digital marketing for you while we adapt to your existing platforms so that your message is never missed by your target market.

Let our team at konnectme handle all the digital marketing for you so you can focus on where you are needed the most, which is to operate and expand your fitness studio.

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