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Helping your trade specialty become more efficient with Marketing so you can have more work-orders on the things you specialize in.

Do you have an auto repair shop in Canada?

We’ll ensure that you get more of the services you specialize in.

End-to-end programs.

We find that most auto repair shops end up doing repair-jobs that they do not specialize in. Even if they know how to do the work, it’s not necessarily what they want. Our system will help you get more work-order in the area you specialize in and give you more work-life balance.  That’s where we come in, we are a firm dedicated to creating a Auto Repair Shops Business Strategy Canada

Overall Assessment

To start, we will engage in an in-depth conversation to understand your goals and assess the current state of your auto repair shop. This first step is crucial in identifying specific areas that need improvement or restructure.

Planning Overview

Taking into consideration the services you offer at your auto repair shop and the needs of your customers, we will develop a practical plan for your you. This strategic planning is aimed at enhancing the overall service experience.

Marketing Assessment

Our team will carry out a comprehensive marketing assessment. This will help pinpoint strengths and areas of development, determining the necessary strategies required to enhance your marketing.. This step is vital to enhance customer satisfaction and maintain customer loyalty in your auto repair shop.

Marketing Optimization

Our team will refine your marketing strategies based on the insights gained from our comprehensive assessment. This process could encompass enhancements in sales systems, technological advancements, or improvements in marketing management.

Marketing Workflow

Utilizing our expertise, we'll design an efficient workflow that ensures the smooth operation of your auto repair shop's Marketing. This process entails setting up standard operating procedures for routine tasks, which in turn improves service delivery and reduces the chance of errors. This strategic planning will help to increase productivity and customer satisfaction in your auto repair business.

Continuous Improvement

Capitalizing on the strategies to keep your auto repair shop flourishing and unique in the industry, we consistently evaluate and revise the methods we've set in place to guarantee their effectiveness. We are firm believers in constant enhancement and will implement the required changes to preserve your auto repair shop's prosperity and distinctiveness in the marketplace.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1: Initially, we’ll arrange a concise 10-minute Strategy Call to discuss your digital marketing needs specifically for your auto repair shop and ascertain if our services align with your objectives.

Step 2: We then craft a custom strategy and show you how you can scale.

The initial discovery, and overview is always free. By taking advantage of our strategy call and strategy meeting, you will get the overview at no cost.

The implementation or a full detailed plan will vary depending on what stage your business is in.

While the effectiveness of the plan varies from business to business. Most of our clients see an overall growth of 50-100%.

Ultimately, you have to learn all of the ins and out of your business, including those things that you don’t even know “how to”.  So, while you may not be the one who will implement some structure, knowing how something work will fully give you the understanding you need to manage the person responsible of the task. 

So, while we do help you get started, the full implementation will be up to you, and your managers.

The time it takes to grow your business systems can change a lot. It depends on things like how complex the plan is, the size and kind of your business, and how many changes are needed. Every business will have its own timeline.

However, it’s important to know that upgrading your business systems is a big commitment that will take a long time.

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