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How would you like to double your memberships and personal training leads online while you focus on improving your gym?

Download this E-guide to find out how to get your fitness digital marketing right.

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Memberships and PT Clients

How would you like increased profit and revenue while you focus on improving your gym?

  Download this E-guide to find out how to get your fitness digital marketing right.

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Welcome to Konnectme, a Canadian Marketing Agency that specializes in Fitness. If you are looking for ideas and strategies on how to grow your Gym’s lead flow online, then you are in the right place!

After gym owners see our information about “Fitness Marketing”, they really want to understand what our 9-Step digital marketing program is, and how it generates a lot more leads.

The Ultimate Fitness Digital Marketing Checklist

It can be frustrating trying to figure out how to get more Gym Memberships and Personal Training clients from the Internet. with so many tools and various unspecialized marketers calling you, offering you a solution.
What do you do?

Over the years working with countless Gyms and fitness Studio owners, reviewing numerous websites in Canada, we have discovered the key elements of a successful fitness marketing strategy and we have narrowed it down to a very simple checklist. 

 This Checklist will help you identify what is missing from your current Fitness Marketing Strategy and show you what your studio must focus on taking your lead generation to the next level.

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Search Engine Optimization
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Fitness Website Design
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Social Media Management
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Fitness Blogging Service
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Pay Per Click Advertising
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Reputation Management For Gyms

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Let us help you gain more Members and Personal Training Clients.

Konnectme LTD. is a fitness marketing agency in the Greater Vancouver of British Columbia, Canada. We provide a full solution for all of your Fitness Marketing needs. We aim to be the best Fitness Digital Marketing Agency in Canada. Let us handle your marketing so you can free up your time and can focus on operations and improvements.

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