Real Fitness People that Understands Your Marketing Needs

Our fitness marketing team started as colleagues working in Direct Sales and Online Marketing in corporate Gyms. We created sales and online systems for these bigger companies only to find that our skills were undervalued while these companies grew.

We understand that Small to Medium size Gyms fail because of to the lack of systems and marketing. Statistics show that  only 11% of  10,000 gyms in Canada can survive for over 10 years. Which means; Approximately 8,900 gyms can easily go bankrupt. 

We then gathered together to finally start our own marketing agency. A marketing agency that will help gyms in Canada have a similar yet unique online sales marketing plan for their business.

Our goal is to help your business thrive so that everyone can have the same feeling we had towards their fitness journey.

Mark Aquino.
Owner Of Konnectme.
The Market / demographic analysis specialist. 

My fitness journey started more than a decade ago when I decided that being overweight was unhealthy. It prompted me to want to become a personal trainer but essentially never acted on it for 10 years. 

During those 10 years I studied business systems by working in corporate companies like Gold’s Gym, Re/Max, Ledcor, Telus, and other companies. I studied their leadership, sales, marketing analytics and digital marketing structures and in turn took everything that I have learned to become a manager at gold’s gym who was dedicated to marketing. During this time, I used my expertise to build a fitness marketing team who are also digital marketing Savy. Together we turned a gym that was not making any revenue to now multi-million revenue facility. 

Today, we bring all of our knowledge, experience and expertise to konnectme so we can help you scale your gym.

Courtney Wass.
Content Creator and Social media Manager

I got into fitness from my grade 12 gym teacher, actually. He wasn’t the typical run laps and play indoor soccer, no he got us in the weight room learning about the body and why it’s important to lift weights.

A few years after graduating, I found that the progress I made in high school fell away and I became the skinny fat. I realized I can’t keep going down this way because it will only lead me to pain and suffering. I decided that its time to go back to my old lifestyle, and I moved myself back into the gym to add years to my life. I started seeing results and documented my journey on social media, only doing it for myself never really think who might be watching. 

I had people wanting me to make them programs, which has inspired me to go back to school and gain my Personal Training certification. Fast Forward  5 years, one personal training certification, becoming a Fitness Manager at gold’s Gym, becoming a bikini competitor, attending many fitness courses and conventions, 12k followers on Instagram, converting to vegan and dropping my old life I’m more than happy to say I love who I am, who I’ve become and where I’m going. Fitness has really changed all aspects of my life for the better!


Tommy Sek
Sales Director 

I was your typical nerdy, and socially awkward teenager, but I always knew deep down inside that I was capable of more. At the ripe age of 16, I was a staggering 240lbs with very little muscle mass. And in my senior year of highschool, I decided that I had enough of feeling this way. I dropped 70lbs in 6 months with sheer determination and found my passion in fitness.  Right after highschool, I worked at a local gym in Kamloops and received my CanFitPro Personal Training Specialist.

I further expanded my horizons by departing from Kamloops and moving to the lower mainland. It was in Langley, BC at Gold’s Gym where I honed my craft in training and service. Through a never ending thirst for knowledge and a keen ability for sales. I became Fitness Manager and helped recruit a team of like-minded trainers. Playing a major role in building the best personal training team their facility has seen to date. Helping the company go from barely breaking even to a now multi-million revenue facility. In the present, my sole purpose and goal is to have our team come together; and provide everything we have learned as a part of our offer at KonnectMe. Allowing us to serve you to the highest capacity and help grow your business at the rate you’ve always dreamed of.   

Aireen (AJ) Aquino
HR and Accounting

With a passion for health and fitness, I began my early career as a personal trainer for Steve Nash Fitness World. Learning that I also had a passion for Business Administration and Human Resources, I returned to school to pursue HR. I now hold a diploma in Business Management and BBA in Human Resources Management. As I work towards earning my CPHR designation, I am found spending much of my spare time practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and building my personal fitness.

Alvin Valle
Project Manager

I discovered my passion for health and fitness near the end of 2013 working for Equinox West Georgia Street, getting my feet wet and learning the ropes in the fitness industry, being there for around a year I learned how everything in the human body works congruently and together. Fast forward around 5 years and I begin to learn that I have personal health issues and found that if I take better care of myself I have a chance to heal, from then on my passion for health and fitness has ignited ever hotter, that I applied  for Gold’s Gym BC and started competing in amateur boxing matches, working for Gold’s Gym I began to truly understand the behind the scenes process of operating a fitness facility, from the sales process, personal training, operations, marketing, and even how to maintain, repair, and operate fitness equipment. As of today I am proud to say that I am officially a part of the team at Mendoza Boxing Club assisting them with their future endeavours.

Brian Ramirez
Compliance / Quality Assurance

After witnessing my mother endure the pains and struggles of dealing with cancer, my passion for health and fitness began to rapidly grow. I pursued various sports and coaching positions in my high school and postsecondary time until I ultimately began working at Equinox Palos Verdes, CA. Since then, I have worked heavily in sales and management for various gyms across North America while studying Psychology and the fitness & sports industries. My goal is to help others to become the best versions of themselves to prevent the onset of disease and physical ailments later on in life. In my spare time, I enjoy playing and coaching competitive volleyball and basketball while gym training and going on hikes. I look to bring undying passion and help to those in the fitness industry with a relentless mentality of never giving up on becoming better.

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