Who Are We

Our Digital Marketing Agency is a team of experts who has an extensive experience in fitness studio marketing. We understand the sales process that most businesses need but do not have the time to do. We create a digital marketing process tailored to your business and implement it for you so you can accelerate the growth of your business.

Our Mission

No Gym or Fitness Studio can survive on content that looks like it was slapped together without thought. One of the best ways to rank your Fitness website higher in the digital realm is by spreading your message out with a lot of work. We create content and manage your digital marketing for you while we adapt to your existing platforms so that your message is never missed by your target market.

What We Do

To create the best digital marketing plan for your gym, we have to know the inn’s and out’s of your business. Our A-Z plan will help you audit your website, SEO, social media, and branding so we can provide our professional advice on the next steps for your marketing plan.

Our Fitness Marketing History

Our team started as colleagues working in Direct Sales and Online Marketing in corporate Gyms. We created sales and online systems for these bigger companies only to find that our skills is going to be undervalued while these companies grew. We understand that  89% of Gyms fail because of the lack of structure and marketing. Statistics show that about 11% of gyms that enter the marketplace will become profitable. Which means; Approximately 8,900 gyms can go bankrupt anytime in Canada. We then gathered together and formulated our own digital marketing agency that specializes in the fitness industry. A fitness Studio marketing agency that will help smaller fitness centres in Canada have a similar yet unique online sales marketing plan as compared to big box gyms. Our goal is to help your gym business thrive.

Our Fitness Marketing Agency's Program Overview

Take advantage of our 1 on 1 Session:

This is a session where we create you a custom-tailored plan so you can generate more leads, sales and profits. My team of trained online marketing experts and I will do the following for you:

  1. Build a Gym Member Keyword List. 
  2. Run a Ranking Report.  
  3. Review Your SEO, Speed and Linking. 
  4. Review Your Website Conversion. 
  5. Local Internet Marketing Plan.

Our Fitness Marketing Agency's 6-D Process


Initially, we’ll arrange a 10 minute Digital Marketing Call to review your fitness studio marketing needs. this way, We can see how we can help you and see if we are the right fit for you.


We start by analyzing and evaluating everything in your existing digital platform; the number of visitors who land on your web page, where those visitors came from, and what they do when they are on your fitness website.


Base on our case studies of your digital existence, our fitness studio digital marketing agency advice and professional recommendations will give you the option to create solutions with your own internal team or provide a clear understanding of how we can work together to help continue to grow your Gym online.


Effective gym digital marketing starts with a considered, well-informed fitness marketing strategy tailored to your gym. A good fitness digital marketing strategy helps you outline the steps you need to take to achieve your Gym’s online marketing needs.


Using everything that we have discovered in about your business, we design, develop and deploy your new Gym’s digital marketing needs. We make sure to implement everything that is needed to make sure that your business grows online.


As part of our full service process to you. We make sure to monitor your Gym’s digital presence and give you digital marketing advice when it is needed, so that you can stay ahead of the ever changing Fitness business world.

2021 gym digital marketing guide
How would you like increased profit and revenue while you focus on improving your Fitness Club? Download this E-guide to find out.

Why Choose Us?

Unlike other digital marketing agency who just have a “fitness page” Our Team are Avid Gym Goers, and used to be managers. We Understand your business because we have been in your position.

We understand that Gym needs new Members and Personal Training Clients. Our team creates a digital sales plan tailored to your Gym’s Area and Demographic.

With a clear goal and mutual understanding, we can get your Gym online in less than 21 days.

Let’s Face it, you might re-brand from time to time. From direct campaigns to blogging services, or refreshing your website in the future. We will be there every step of the way.

Konnectme is like an online utility belt full of creativity, brainstorming, and collaborative ideas. We keep ourselves occupied by coming up with innovative ideas and looking at projects in different scenarios. Quality is what makes our services stand out.

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Let us help you gain more Members and Personal Training Clients.

Konnectme LTD. is a digital marketing agency in the Greater Vancouver of British Columbia, Canada. We provide a full solution of all of your online Fitness Marketing Services needs. We aim to be the best Fitness Studio Marketing Agency in Canada. Let us help your Gym or Fitness Studio gain more leads.